First Empire

The Empire of Tamriel formed in the late Merethic Era under the reign of Ysgramor. However, the empire was mostly restricted to Skyrim and some parts of High Rock and Morrowind. However, after the death of King Borgas; Skyrim and her people were plunged in a War of Succession. At the conclusion Skyrim lost control of territories in High Rock and Morrowind. 

Second Empire (Reman Empire) Edit

The Second Empire is the empire of Cyrodiil. It span two distinct Era's and through 200-year rule under the Reman Dynasty. At the death of Reman Cyrodiil III, and the Akaviri Potentate which ruled after the royal family's assassination which dawned the 2nd Era. 

Third Empire (Septim Empire) Edit

The Septim Empire was founded by Tiber Septim who conquered all of Tamriel. The Empire's prosperity was driven by Tiber Septim's conquering off all of Tamriel to usher in peace and tranquility. After centuries of peace the Empire developed a robust army effectively called the Imperial Legion. However, by 4E 201 during the events of the Dragon Crisis the Empire had fallen under Titus Mede II's. 

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